Friday, September 22, 2006

Thoughts of a dangerous mind?? Or is it?

Im impressed by the post put up jerry on Slaves

I totally agree with you on this.. We r the Slaves isn’t it?? Of what?? Why should we be?? Is there no end??

Is it really this socio-economic setup and system.. Now im startin to think why only the system.. Each and every individual in it has to take the blame. Yea blame and thats all that we do now. Often i think abt breakin the rules that made up the system. There then comes the Qn of personnel bonds which holds us together..

How? Or rather r u ready for this? Then.. Do u really want to? And finally its always why take the trouble and be an outlaw when u can atleast try put out this fire in ur heart or keep it hidden there.. wat do we lack here? Is it fear of being a failure? Being the laughing stock of the town? Or lack of revolutionism?? ppl think of revolutionizing their life. But not the system.

Standing by once belief requires strength but standing against what u don’t is the true test of character.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Anniyan AKA Subru Back with a BANG

What can I say here… it was all like a dream come true.. But jus like any other dream dint last long enough to taste how it wud be.. There’s only one person I will point all my fingers at who single handedly brought all our dreams and efforts crashing.. Its none other than my dear friend JERRY..

It was some few weeks’ back that we came across the idea of getting a board game to spend time while we were at home idling in weekends, within hours of which we were already playing the first game of Monopoly. Hope I wouldn’t have to brief u on what the game of monopoly is. The game went on al the way till midnight and it was our alliance (Subru and moi) that won the days game. Which left Sumi gasping for breath and Mahesh stunned, still unable to comprehend.

That was the first and the last time Subru made a win in the game. His specialty or rather mission was to get into as many of opponents plots as possible. He’s got another specialty abt which I’ll come up later. Anyways What I felt is that he missed the entire point of the game. For him motto was to lose as much currency as possible in a single round and he kept getting better at it as each game proceeded.

Finally after few weeks and many record breaking bankruptcy cases, our hero decided he’s going to stop cracking his usual chalus till he wins another game of monopoly. This was that one statement that gave us a peace of mind which nobody cud ever imagine (Coz I had once actually thought even if Pakistan cud somehow give-up their terrorist activities, Subru couldn’t stop blabbering). All 5 of us rejoiced, but all this celebration was short lived. The very same day, in another encounter of Subru with Jerry, all the previous record holders had to be informed of their records being thrashed left and right. And our real hero Subru emerged victorious in jus under an hour!!! (Usually a game lasts for over 6 hrs).

Forgot to mention this.. Now our Subru is chalufying like never before, Thanks to JERRY (grrrr... u better not cross any of my roommates path).

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

That's a ball in the Hole!!

I'm tellin u that's another one in the pocket..
Our team was supposed to hav an outin last Friday.. But there's always got to be a spoilt sport.. And this time it was our Team Manager itself..
yea as usual na.. But no one can damp our spirits.. So set out for unofficial teamOutin..
We hit MegaBowl first. Went for a single round for a start. Thought lets jus get warmed up. And must say we weren't any bad at it. Jerry took the lead in the first round. I did jus OK. And Srini was no where close to the picture.. It was always way to go jerry.. But the fortunes looked good for all of us towards the the start of the second game, which was soon proved wrong. Our same Srini went on to play somethin that I wud call a game of my life with all straight 10s for the next 5 or 6 rounds. leavin Jerry and myself, no time to contemplate wats goin on.. That was one stunning performance. And was the center of attraction there.. When a grup not far away from us was tryin their best to get the ball to get in contact with the pins.
Next we hit a Club somewhere in Banshangri. I better not talk abt how we made it to the place. On the way lost all count of time, sense of direction and wat elz yah almost went flyin of the bike. Have to tell u this.. Its the first time I'm playin pool. I actually dint find it any amusing though. Driving balls into holes!!! Know better ways of doin it. I guess u ppl will join hands with me on this. But yea had a good time there aswell. Spend another couple of hrs there and when our hunger started getting better of us. decided to call it quits for the day had our dinner at our regular Kerala Mess and hit our sack. Hope my PM is not readin this post. If that's the case then all the characters and place mentioned here is purely fictitious and has no resemblance to any person living OR DEAD(I'll be)..

'Anniyan' went belly-up..

Everyone cheered, our Anniyan once more counting his pennies (na na.. don't misunderstand dude) to be given to Jerry. 'Monopoly' made Jerry crazy and he took on a try with three. Mahesh already escaped from the scene, which would otherwise have been the worst game in his 12 years of Monopoly life (12 Years-aeee, hmm)...

Sumi (our Star musketeer) marched in after seeing the pathetic condition of Anniyan. He 'tried' to help him a lot, some worked and some didn't. But our anniyan made sure that he is visiting all the houses and hotels build by Jerry. Atlast that final moment came, and he landed onto Trafalgar Square to complete his visit (RIP). The game was all over.. everyone was happy,except one soul - our Anniyan (No more Anniyan, henceforth you are Subru).

Subru couldn't sleep well. He was thinking why he is loosing each and everytime (He went belly-up three times in a row). Atlast he found the root cause of the problem. Today morning he shared his views with me..

Subru: 'Prasad, I've decided one thing.'
Prasu: 'What?'
Subru: 'I have stopped 'Chaluing' !!'
Prasu: 'Why, What happened ?'
Subru: 'I wont crack anymore chalus till I win a Monopoly match'...

(I dont have anything to say.. let's see it in real)..

Have a nice time..

Jai Chandu..

Monday, September 18, 2006

We are here..

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for visiting this blog. We 'The Six-Musketeers' are here to share our fun and views. The days which made us laugh from dusk to dawn will be shared, thus leaving a glimpse of our golden times.

Happy blogging.

Let's start the battle of Bloggin guys...